the Ministry of Peculiarities (LLC)

Who Are We, Really?

The Ministry of Peculiarities LLC is an entertainment production company established in 2017, dedicated to providing enthusiasts and newcomers alike a high-quality blend of escape rooms and immersive theatre.

Our experience is located in Azusa, California, nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, just 25 miles east of Los Angeles and 35 miles north of Orange County.

About Our Productions

As experienced escape room and immersive theatre enthusiasts ourselves, we know you are searching for more than a room full of puzzles and locks. You will find all our games to be story-driven and immersive adventures, built on narrative and interaction with live industry actors. We think our productions are some of the best, and with 5-star reviews across Google, Yelp, and Facebook, we think you agree.

The Ministry of Peculiarities

The Ministry of Peculiarities is a crowning example of the bureaucracy and ineptitude you'll find just about anywhere you look. Rest assured, no matter if you're a beginner or a veteran to escape rooms, you and your friends or family will be the most competent investigators in the building.

Hope End

Hope End is a story centered around Mrs. Dolores Wright, the last known occupant of an Edwardian mansion known as Hope End. Your team will meet Dolores and encounter questions of family, trust, and choice.

Recalcitrant Research

Recalcitrant Research was a 12 minute immersive vignette created in 48 hours and presented for the 2022 Los Angeles Immersive Invitational. Its use of tech to create special effects, participant involvement, and actor physicality impressed the audience enough to take home the prize for "Fan Favorite".

In Other Words

2022 Los Angeles Immersive Invitational

2022 Los Angeles Immersive Invitational Logo

Best Overall - Fan Favorite

"A “competition” where LA’s brightest immersive storytellers come together under one roof to create unique and memorable experiences in only 48 hours to be judged by some of the industry’s most veteran talent."

Room Escape Artist

Golden Lock Award 2022 Ribbon

2022 Golden Lock Award - 44 Games You Must Play

"The Ministry of Peculiarities beautifully blended escape rooms with immersive theater in a dark, quirky, and thoughtfully crafted experience that started when we entered their front door, and continued until we exited."

The Immersive Experience Institute

"An innovative immersive game, The Ministry of Peculiarities: Hope End mixes immersive performance and escape game sleuthing in ways that have surprised and delighted our veteran curators."


"It goes without saying that we love escape rooms here at HorrorBuzz, and we’ve been hearing rumblings of The Ministry of Peculiarities for a few weeks...we have plenty of friends who said it’s well worth the trip."

The Cager Express: Escape Break

"People rave about this room...very well-balanced in terms of puzzles and theatre...It's really a production that you're immersed in."

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The Ministry of Peculiarities

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